About Samsara Custom Tattoo

Welcome to Samsara Custom Tattoo...owned by artist Tony Davis and wife Marina.

Our studio is BIG, bright, light and clean! We pride our selves on our high standards of hygienic practice.  We're (mostly) normal friendly folk here - dedicated to giving you an amazing custom tattoo and first class service along with a first class brew!

We provide clean as a whistle surroundings, sterile equipment and we use top grade needles and quality inks.

Tea/coffee/hot chocolate/bottled water/sweets are available free of charge and a hand-holding service for nervous clients if requested (only joking... maybe).

'Behind the Name'

Samsara means 'the Circle or Wheel of Life' in Tibetan.

In 1992 Director Ron Fricke produced an amazing film documenting visually stunning images of humanity from 24 countries around the world - the result of 2 years filming was called Baraka . We've been waiting a very long time for his next movie which is called Samsara and of course  where we got our studio name from.

Meet The Team

Tony - Tattooist: Originally from New Zealand but has lived and worked in the South Lakes for 20 years. He enjoys black and grey work but mainly full colour and executes many styles to an extremely high standard. He enjoys travelling and meeting new and interesting people which makes him even more passionate about tattooing. He loves his wife who's writing this and the menagerie of cats and dogs that destroy the house and posh coffee from Farrahs.

Sam - Piercer and tattoo laser removal: Sam has been piercing for nearly a decade and offers a range of full body piercings. He prides himself on a no rush service. Taking the time needed for every single client to ensure that not only the piercing itself is perfect but also the whole experience. Sam owned his own tattoo and piercing studio for a number of years (with our lovely friend/regular guest artist Ash Harrison). He is experienced in all aspects of the piercing process - any questions you may have Sam will be able to answer them for you.

Sophie - Tattooist: Currently developing her own style but prefers full colour illustrated styles and is doing excellent work! She's constantly pushing her self and progressing at a quick and consistent rate and makes a very decent brew too. She is now Junior artist and her hourly rate is £60 per hour. Known also for her happy, bubbly personality and quick wit which she needs working with all those blokes crikey :)

Ash Harrison - Tattooist: Our resident Guest Artist. Lives in beautiful Cornwall but regularly visits Samsara. He says:-

"It is Important to me that the Tattoo Experience is as Special as possible for my Clients, Respecting creating a tattoo as an auspicious ancient practice, in the right environment & with the right energy. I love to extend my creative Expression beyond tattooing to other mediums such as Pencil-Pen, Painting & various woodwork & sculpture. Painting Mandalas is a great form of meditation for me. I Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy creating them =)"

Click on the Ash's profile below to read more and view examples of his work.

Martin - Tattooist: Lives in Lancaster with his missus Holly, many cats and now delicious baby Iris. He specialises in 'old school' and 'traditional'. Martins line work is second to none and his pieces definitely stand the test of time. He's recently joined us full-time so book now as he's be filling up very quickly:)

Marina - Reception/Shiva Centre: Semi-retired but occasionally pops in to talk to the plants.

Amy - Shop Manager: the lovely and luminous Amy is now full-time and is a whizz at managing the craziness of day-to-day Samsara :)


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